Wednesday, August 27, 2008

e future no one can tell - i can juz hope for a better tomorrow

bob wrote this blog to tell chloe n remind himself of all e promises he made to chloe - cuz he wanna keep those promises no matter wad happens ...

12 December 2007 - in e beginning ...
didnt dare look @ e new temp recep today ... she was juz too sweet ... "no no dun look bob, u oreadi in enuf trouble..." i betta "dao" her ba =D heex

13 December 2007 - thursdae
i peeped @ her today from afar - she wore a nice blue cardigan, white top, dark tights n white flip flops. as she went abt her work, a cute cute white heart dangles on her gold neckace n sways across her ... omg ... *sigh* - i tink my heart melted todae ...
ok ok ... i'll "pretend" that some work needs doing urgently, n ask her help mi send stuff out to regional offices ...

14 December 2007 - fridae
keke =D "erm ... hie chloe =D, plz help mi - this goes to beijing, that goes to seoul, this goes to shenzhen, that goes to tokyo ... " i sae to her in my most tender tender voice =D [omg ... i try my best not to look @ her alas i failed --- i try not to make eye contact ... i damn shy ... but how ?]
shall i take a risk to b frenly ? ok i shall send email with lotsa smileys =D "hey chloe =D hey thx so v much for ur help" "btw ... here is a funny xmas card =D"
chloe: "wow. that's pretty cool ! especially e chicken sound. haha. no problem bob."

17 December 2007 - mondae
keke =D i left out some impt info so she emails mi "wad is description of stuffs to send n how much to declare? thanks a lot!" ... my heart beats faster - i run over to recep n talk to her =D

shall i take another risk n email abt someting else ? "las nite i started watching this funny Taiwan 爱情笑戏 called 公主小妹 ... juz finish showing in taiwan ... is abt this girl n her grandfather who got 4 adopted boys - 2 of e guy is fr Fahrenheit =D haha ... e first EP oreadi so funny - so i continue watching ..."

keke =D yes yes yes ... we now chat on email --- about music n tv serials 公主小妹 gong zhu xiao mei, 轉角*遇到愛 zhuan jiao yu dao ai, 換換愛 huan huan ai, 愛情魔髮師 ai qing mo fa shi ... we talked about songs from 林俊杰 lin jun jie, 羅志祥 luo zhi xiang; 曹格 gary; chinese duets, s.h.e ... how come we like e same songs ? i still cannot believe she like 林俊杰 ...

keke =D i told her i listen to sad songs - cuz bob is v sad de =D but i didnt tell her y ...

my heart beats faster. omg bob - wad hv u juz started ?

18 - 19 December 2007
over these few daes we kinda chat more ... i pass her 公主小妹 videos =D chloe sends me her hotmail address =D keke =D we even chat by email at nite =D n i rush to look her up on frenster n facebook ... mmmmm

chloe: "wOow. Nice job man! I think ur a very "girls" guy... hehe. You should have more girl friends than guy friends ba? LOL! cos you are quite thoughtful and stuffs. Not because i think u r a girl ok. NONONO. is cos you're nice. Hmmm. Lin Yan Xiang Kan. No wonder you are in marketing! hAha. "

i send chloe some custom emoticons =D "ok i hand make recently... this emoticon is for the rest of us who in real life (unlike those movies or TV series) may have some ai qing difficulty =D ... so when i send it to frens ... many of them really like it n dey can relate to it ... (maybe i have six-sense hor ?) =D haha"

hee hee =D chloe replies: "HOR! So u sending it to me means that i have ai qing difficulty huh. HEHE. WIN LE LOR. "
ke ke ke ke - chloe is sooooooooooo cute =D - she calls mi "girly boy" ... i.e. guy who knows girl's tings =D n understands them =D -- she is so funny ...

20 December 2007 - thursdae
it's a public holiday todae but i keep tinking of chloe ... i tried to stop but it was no use ... might we hav a chance ... ? i so scared to tink ...

21 December 2007 - fridae
my heart beat so fast... my head spin so quick... chloe sent mi a "test" sms n gave mi her mobile number =D keke =D
omg - finally =D heex lolx i called her immediately n we luffed together on e phone ...
chloe's sms: bob still in the office ? Hehe.. Woo hoo! todae n tomorrow i can give u time to catch up with me. hehe. Where do u live ah ? I live v far away. need abt 1 hr to reach office hehe... far hor ? Im hungry !
have u ever been on cloud 9, again ? have u ever had the happiest day in your life, again ? have u ever felt like u’ve never felt before, again ? have u ever had that energy n rush like u’ve never had before, again ? have u ever felt u wanted to care for someone, again ?
but if I truly cared for her, i would wan e best outcome for her. if i truly cared for her, i wud not b selfish. if i truly cared for her, i shud not continue... in 愛情魔髮師, Du Ya Shi 's mother tells him to chase Xiao Bei - she sae 愛情是自私的 [love is selfish] but if I truly cared for chloe - i wud stop now ...
bob: hey, bob is bad de ... bob is not a good guy ... =D heex
chloe: ya, now then u know ur bad huh. löl. i bet u must have take yr dinner right? if not u should smack yrself le. cos u shouldn have yr dinner pm late. löl.

22 December 2007 - saturday

here's a pic of her with that sweet white heart pendant & chain, and her white puma bag tt she carried on our first time out ...

24 December 2007 - monday - christmas eve
todae is first time chloe n i 吃蛇 eat snake together ... we stole out of e office n went downstairs bugis junction to shop for chloe's glasses ... den she pull mi into e foto booth n it was my first time take foto ... i was so scared ... but i managed to "dao" her =D heex heex - u can see foto - where she looks happy beside mi but i was like - "wo dao ni" =D haha - but whenever i "dao" her - she will beat me affectionately and say i am 贼 zei [thief] ...
is chloe e one ? why m i so scared ? nice chloe deserve someone betta dan bad bob ...

26 December 2007 - wednesdae
today is chloe's las dae @ [M] ... wad will happen after this ? will everything come to an end ?

28 December 2007 - fridae
chloe: hm. nice meeting u. my greatest present. hee. u on e train or cab ?

bob: best thing dat happen to bob this yr is chloe =D keke =D but bob is bad de =D sigh =D hey i like 屋顶 wu ding, 让我爱你 rang wo ai ni, 你最珍贵 ni zui zhen gui, 明明很爱你 ming ming hen ai ni n many more =D but bob not good at karaoke =D keke =D
chloe: hm, why u keep saying bob is bad ? hm. i dono eh. hee. only one more week then sch gonna start le. omg. it sucks.
bob: one more wk - so mus quickly enjoy ma =D sch suck issit becos u didnt do so well ? ok ok when we meet next time, i shud help u see dat sch issnt so suck =D n we make promise to do betta for sch work =D -- maybe bob is angel sent to chloe haha kiddin - bob so nottie =D
bob: we mus meet n talk - maybe chloe is bob's angel ? haha bob so bad =D

29 December 2007 - saturdae - our first date n ep1
our first time out - she wore a nice yellow cardigan, white tights n carried a white puma bag - omg - so we went shopping - movie - dinner - supper - den we went back to cck at e benches around blk 658 n we talked n luffed under e stars n cold december breeze ... we cuddled together till 1:30 am (on e way home i was wif her on phone till 3 am).
"chloe - bob is bad ... i will tell u how bad ... bob dun deserve u ... 愛情是自私的 ... n bob shud nv hav started this ... if bob truly lov chloe ... he will let chloe go ..."
"chloe - bob respect u soooooooo much ... bob will nv take advantage of u ... bob will not do bad tings to chloe ... bob will treat u well ... bob will put u first ... because u deserve to b first ... bob will put himself last ... "
"chloe deserve someone much much betta ..."
"tonight is a miracle ... even if there is no more miracle tomorrow night ... bob is happy he met chloe ... "
"chloe - thank-you !"
i change my msn nickk to "ŵ@Đ αή @мαźїήĝ ĝїғŦ ї ®εcεїΰεĐ @ ε εήĐ ǿғ 2007 – i мu§ Ŧake gǿǿ Đ ©arε ǿf iŦ (wad an amazing gift i received at e end of 2007 - i mus take good care of it) ... alot of pple ask me wad gift i got but i juz "dao" them =D haha

30 December 2007 - sundae - ep2 - "bob wan syk ljh to noe he care for her"
another miracle nite under e stars n cool breeze ... we cuddled close close again ...
[ syk ljh is chloe de best frens ]
"chloe - even if there is no future - i will b good to u de =D ... bob will move at e pace dat chloe wans, n bob will accept whatever level of frenship chloe wants, bob will not pressure chloe ..."
"chloe mus always sae wad she wans ... let's sae after a while, she dun wanna bob anymore - is ok to tell bob, she mustn feel bad - n bob respect chloe's choice n even if bob feel sad, but bob wont bother chloe anymore, not becuz he dun lov her, he wan her lyk crazy, but becuz he lov her more dan he lov himself, so bob will not kick up a fuss n he will quietly go away de ..."
"if there come a dae, when chloe n bob no more ... n if bob n chloe bump into each other on e street ... bob wan chloe to have happy memory ... dat throughout our time together, bob treated chloe best, n giv chloe e best ... bob wan all of chloe's frens to noe dat bob treated chloe e best ... bob wan syk ljh - jinhui, yiokiang n junhao to noe dat he took really good care of her ... n he really 疼 teng chloe ... n nv once take advantage of chloe"

31 December 2007
i oreadi had 2 miracle nites wif chloe ... so i juz waited for her ... in case she needed mi =D

2 January 2008 - ep3
we bot new phones together today at woodlands causeway point =D ... then we went to the woodlands library and sat together, placing the phones tgt on the glass table ... isssit called couple phone ? i oso dunno =D keke =D i change my msn nickk to "Ŧŵǿ nǿkiα561ǿ phǿnεs ľεαήїήĝ Ŧǿŵα®Đ εa©h ǿthεr ή αľмǿ§Ŧ Ŧǿů©ђήĝ βůŦ …" (two phones leaning toward each other n almst touching but ...)

chloe oso bought me a cutie soft toy from causeway point ... she is awesomely cute :)

at night we met again =D i told chloe everything =D
"chloe - i wanna tell u everything - i dun wanna hide anything about mi cos i dun wanna like in those taiwan 爱情笑戏 where e guy hide someting n den later e girl found out n there is misunderstanding =D -- so i tell everything ... "
omg - we held hands for e first time ... omg omg ... is this really happening ?

for the next few days - we meet ... commonwealth mrt - lunch ... we oso went to IMM - which was our first supermarket shopping together ... i seem to b able to guess her likes - e.g. lays potato chips, etc ... leaving the IMM, we got spotted by fu chang ): not good not good ...

January 10 2008
tonight in cck - chloe n i kissed for first time ... e first is alwaes e most memorable ... is like two pple coming closer together ... both not v sure wad might happen ... both noses first coming closer, noses finally touching n nuzzling n teasing for a moment, then lips move closer, first on her cheek n den mouths finally touching ...
i scared i was bad kisser cos i nv kiss anyone for long long time =D keke =D --- omg she is an amazing kisser ... i tink i stun diao tonite eh --- mmmm ... how to b a good kisser ? i betta check google tmrw n learn =D keke :)

January 11 2008
tonight chloe gav ginseng to her mum =D [this is e ginseng dat bob bot fr korea =D ... mum show dad e ginseng n dad realise e ginseng is expensiv ... but phew !!! mum & dad didnt ask any more questions ... chloe juz tell them dat her ex-colleague fr [M] bot many ginseng n gave her one ..

January 14 - 31 2008
everytime i ask her - "why u like mi ar ?" ... den she will sae "i got sae i like u meh ?" ... she always "dao" mi "bob - 我对你不熟..." keke LOL =D i will luff n luff ... she is v cute cute de ... she always beat mi ... or she will poke mi n play wif my fats =D hee hee =D n she is v spontaneous, she always sae her mind, she always scold mi "shit u ..." or "rubbish u ..." or "u 贼 zei lor ..." or "白痴 bai chi (idiot)"
when i sae "i love chloe..." she will respond in tender tones "真的吗 ...?" or "bob 每天说骗话 ..." but i always reply n sae "in 轉角*遇到愛 zhuan jiao yu dao ai, 阿妈说不能说谎 - so i am telling e truth" ... but she always has e las word "你是猪 ..."; "bob 是笨蛋 ..."; "屁啦 !"; "你去大便 !" =D
but sometimes she sends mi messages like "im loving you.. love u for treating me like a princess. i know i don deserve all those but thanks for everything. it's nice knowing u n loving u..." (27 Jan)
i oso make another emoticon for her:

some times i "dao" her ... "er, who sae i like u ? i am gay de ... my bf is fred (a colleague) ... he is my lover ..." heex keke =D
i like chloe soooo much cos she is naughty, mischevious, playful, spontaneous n she damn smart ... she got such a sense-of-humor, she cracks so many jokes n i make her luff so much oso ... i told her i dun like those girls who are too 乖 guai cos those girl too serious n dunno how to luff n have fun ...
i like chloe cos she v alert ... she like to check my sms inbox to see if i talk to other girls ... but i tell her abt all e girls who i chat wif n why, - and i assure her dat she is e only one i wan - "bob oreadi work so hard for chloe ... surely he not stupid to cheat on her ..."every morning - i call her n wake her up ... is v romantic to wake chloe ... i will whisper into e phone ... "bao bei ... bao bei ... wake up ..." and she goes "mmm ... mmm ... mmm ..." is so exciting to hear her drowsy voice ... then i will ask her to slp 10 min more n then i will call her yet again ...
abt 4 or 5 mornings a week, i will come by cck n bring her to ntu ... is so exciting to sit beside her, hold her hand, kiss her n whiff her sweet scent =D makes my heart beat so fast n jumps starts my dae ...
i so so scared ... i dunno wad lies ahead, e danger, e tears, e fears, e anguish, e sorrow, e heartbreak, e traps ... i freaked out one nite and ran off to hide myself in rollerblade slaloms [twists n turns, criss crosses, crazys, reverses around little cones] (my slaloms were always done in solitude - doing slaloms was a way to bring mi back to e earth ... away fr chloe who i was so scared wud hurt mi)
has anyone seen sockying's blog ? v few pple actually read it cos she doesnt update it regularly ... but if u were to view and click on the third heart ... then u see her entry about us. I reproduce her entry here ...
  • firstly, i met a sweet guy....well, he is everything a girl needs.
  • he is nice, wonderful, giving, easy going, nice to communicate with.
  • he will make sure that the girl he likes gets the best..
  • which he also nv fails to bring the smile in my face.
  • he brights up my day...
  • becos. he will pick me up frm hse to sch cos he is worried that i will b bored n tired.
  • he will come n pick me up sometimes.
  • today went shopping at bugis. alot of more things need to get...
  • the bag is nice.
  • but the covered shoes... hard to find my size de.
  • he dotes on me, on everyone he cherish.
  • love is being stupid together...
  • i truely understand what it means now. 
and a screenshot of her january 2008 blog entry is kept here

February 1 2008 - cny shopping
today went shopping for chloe's cny clothes ... i juz lov to pamper her ... i juz lov to get her lotsa nice things ... her fashion sense is v nice :) ... "oh no - if other guys see u in these clothes, they will go crazy over u ..." =D keke
todae we chose stuff from Little Match Girl, Esprit EDC, Fox, URS ... i dunno y but we pic stuff fr Little Match Girl that we both liked instantly (without first asking each other) n then at EDC, she spotted some top at e same time as i did n she pointed to it ... i got e sales attendant to retrieve it for us.
bob: "bob is committed to lov his 猪 zhu, cherish her, 陪 pei her, lift her up, make her impt, make her feel secure, make her happy, make her contented, make her smile, make her luff =D i lov my 猪 zhu so much :) good nite"
chloe: "haha. u're so silly. hmmm. go and sleep ba. later anything just sms me ba. "

February 5 - 6 2008 - more cny shopping
more shopping for chloe's stuff ... is like a dream as i hold her hand at far east plaza ... we bought nice accessories fr chomel, 77th street, and some tops fr small shops ... bot a pendant for jin n shirts for junhao n yiokiang.

February 7 2008 - cny1
many many nights we will talk on phone b4 bedtime, n oso @ bedtime we will switch off lights n continue talking ... tonight the lights were oreadi off, n chloe was lying down n i was talking to her, chloe was v tired but somehow she dun wanna slp, so i started to sing to her to slp, i sang 爱转角 ai zhuan jiao, 恋爱频率 lian ai ping lu, 只对你说 zi dui ni shuo, 当你孤单你会想起谁 dang ni gu dan ni hui xiang qi shei ... sometimes in e middle of e song i will say "chloe i lov u ... " n after every song, i will ask her if she wanna me sing some more and n she mumble "yes ..." =D
after a while i ask her if she wan mi to continue singing, but she didnt answer. all i heard were soft soft tender tender sounds of breathing ... i noe she couldnt hear mi anymore, but i juz continued to talk to her - i told her how much i loved her, n how i wanted us to be together forever, dat i didnt want to pressure her, n i wanted her to relax n go wif e flow ... i noe she couldnt hear mi but i couldnt bear to hang up ... in my room all e lights were off, everything was dark, i kept v v quiet juz so i could hear her breathe ...

February 14 2008 - v dae =D
todae i made chloe a v dae =D card n got custom made famous amos cookies =D n flowers ... i told her i made a card wifout my name in it - in dat way she could display it easily n no one wud ask any questions =D

we spent e dae shopping - marina sq, bugis, it was v nice ... buy many tings ... bot birthday present for terry ...

February 16 - 22 2008
business trip to US (travelling thru la, dallas, san fran) ... i pei her many times a dae by sms ... (omg las month, my idd calls to chloe was S$650 arrgghh!) waking her in morning, pei her on mrt, bus, going home at midnight ... chloe sae "it was like i was in singapore..." heex ... she msg mi many times n sae she miss mi ... i miss her beyond crazy ... i spent time shopping for chloe, yang yang (her brother) n jinhui (bestie) ... bot her levis & dkny jeans, nice sexy soft pink abercrombie shorts n tops =D
i rushed back - touched down at changi, changed into fresh clothes n =D immediately we went out to our first partyworld karaoke at woodlands - it was so nice, we kinda relax n lie down n sing - wif her head on my arm =D heex n sang many songs but i tink 梁靜茹 's 勇气 was surely v meaningful ... here's e part dat made mos sense to us i tink ... n chloe poked mi in e ribs whenever i sang it to her =D
... 最怕你忽然说要放弃, 爱真的需要勇气, 来面对流言蜚语, 只要你一个眼神肯定, 我的爱就有意义, 我们都需要勇气, 去相信会在一起, 人潮拥挤我能感觉你, 放在我手心里你的真心 ...
by now we together 2 months - i can't believe this is real ... maybe it isn't ? but i relax la n see wad happens =D

February 25 - March 1 2008
omg - we went out 6 days in a row =D terrible :) keke =D
with fred's help - dis week we rented some wheels =D keke =D it was so fun driving all over =D n she was so happy =D ... e 1st nite we went to ecp, she practice her parking, n den we drove thru orchard rd
2nd dae afternoon - we drove around holland, mt fabar, south buona vista, n den she called her brother n drove around wif him [without mi cos i was tailing her in a cab =D keke =D ]
3rd day - we drove to ntu, she dunno how to park, so i park lor =D keke =D
4th day - we sent hendra to us embassy ... n
5th day - we returned car (wif juz a bit of scratches) keke =D - chloe was so worried, but i reassurred her =D
keke [nowadays i always tease her by saying "qing ai de 情爱的 ... i do this because ... " (is a private joke n betta not sae cos some pple might get angry hee hee) ]. then we bot icecream n chocs cos chloe was gonna see paris at admiralty ... i pei her to admiralty n den waited for her n den pei her home ... den i went hom n i pei her on phone till 330am ... she tell me more n more stuffs ...
dis was e week chloe had her first n second facial - poor thing - it was painful for her ... but everywhere i pei her go --- we always sae --- omg if xiuhui found out --- chloe will b talk of town for next 2 months n sure xiuhui will 杀死 chloe de ... keke =D den on sat night we went out shopping again ... die die --- if fuchang see us one more time together, i sure die ...
she oso send mi so many sweet sms: "heex. i can memorise ur number so well now... hmm... thanks for everything u have done for me... i think ur so damn nice can. omg. such a nice bf... " "actually u no need to be so nice to be me... im very scared that i will let u down and hurt u... im a bad girl rmb?" " im not... im so bad de... zhen de.... y u like me sia... really mann. u terrible... ur such a nice guy too... always so nice to ppl de... OMG."
late late @ nite - chloe sends mi a nice email: bob,thanks for everything u have done for me this 3 months? right? =D from the start, u have been such a nice person. playing the stupid game with freddy.. i nv know that i will meet a nice guy like u. but i don want to take u for granted too. so u don treat me so nice ok? im a bad girl de. not worth so much of ur love. but i will still spend time with you if possible. sorry for making u come all the way from the east to the west jus to pei me go to sch and stuffs. i really appreciate all you have done. sometimes i cannot believe that in the world, there is such a perfect guy. someone who will pei mi go shopping, pei me all the way. i really feel so pampered sometimes. you have done more than what jeff have done. omg. THANK YOU BOB! now is 2am. i hope u wont scold me for staying up late. 

March 3 - 8 2008
another 6 days in a row =D ... well ... since i send her to ntu everyday =D keke ... but we even managed to meet saturday for 3 1/2 hours @ causeway point =D ...
it is amazingly fun wif chloe - how is it dat we've got so much to sae is juz unbelieveable ... how come we nv ran out of things to sae is oso amazing ... she tells mi so much abt her frens ... n i enjoy so much listening to everything she sae - ofcuz first her closest - jin, yk, jh ... n den e study group - xh, sab, jeanie, terry, fuchang, weisin ... n den club group - rer, tiko, terry, mei ... n oso keong =D keke =D n den oso ntu groups hendra, cip, ronny, hs, wj, alicia, etc ...
todae we talked abt her bdae celebrations - how club gang + jin, jh, yk + brother + mum waited at void deck to setup a surprise bdae party ...
i started tinking how i might set up her next bdae ... how i wish i could - bring all her frens together - jin, jh, yk; club gang - betta not call tiko (keke) n oso include study grp - xh, sab, jeanie, terry, fuchang together =D ...
i noe if i did it ... i wud run tremendous risk ... but becuz making chloe happy is more impt to mi - i wud rather risk my life ... i rather not sit in e shadows n keep quiet n don do anything ...

March 11 2008
she is so so sweet ... why i like her so much ? why she so special ? todae we went to buy her maths n chem solutions fr clementi book store ... she send mi sms "I wanna tell u that i cherish u. Thanks for everything u've done for me. Everything is so sweet n nice. To me, u're the best. First time im being so pampered."

March 14 2008 - our first argument =D keke
She dao mi with sms "don need to contact le" ... i so panic n nite cannot slp :( ... in e morning i wrote to her: "las nite bob was v v v tired n bob did a stupid thing n cause chloe stress - bob shudn hv said unkind words - bob v sorry n regret - bob quickly went to slp - bob did not dao chloe - he was juz so tired - pls forgiv bob pls pls pls" ... but chloe didnt reply
in e morning (cuz every morning i wake her up de) i called her to wake her up n she killed my rings :( ... omg i panic again ... she replied with a terse "thanks i m up" ... omg i knew she really angry.
[at this point, i jump into a cab n head towards yew tee, hoping to meet her n patch patch as she walks home fr tuition ... by now is quite common dat i surprise her as she walks to n fr tuition ... there was once we got to see each other 3 times a dae ... in morning when i send her to sch, in afternoon when i goto ntu to send her home, n in evening when i surprised her as she walked to fr tuition :) keke]
"hey u angry wif mi ar? las nit i really tired n fell aslp - i hope u dun tink i dao u - can talk? [cuz bob's original promise is bob will not b selfish] - but can we talk?"
"talk abt what?"
"ok now tuition so i dun disturb u - later i call can?"
"mmm see how ba - i am not angry wif u - i am angry with mi"
"princess - why u angry wif urself? do u noe how special u r n tt every guy shud treat u wif greatest respect. u damn special, all ur frens tink u special thats why they gav u tt surprise birthdae party!"
"cos of u... i tink we still shudn talk ... i not nice girl, hanging out wif me ain cool"[maybe i pamper her n she feels vulnerable ...? i dono ... ]
"ok guess wad? all those sec4 frens who gav u tt surprise party - they accept who u r rite? and bob accept who u r rite? so every like this 'not nice girl n tink it is cool to hang around her' rite? tell mi my logic is wrong? cant b since u can observe urself."
"i cannot ... i dunno ... forget it ba. i dono wad to sae."
[at this point e cab arrives at cck crescent ... i get down n stand on e street ... i keep wondering if my trip wud b futile ... n dat there wud b no more chloe forever ...]
... AND THEN I GET HER MISSED CALL =D keke =D i was sooooo relieved =Das i return her call - i giggle over e phone, n den i see her walking in e distance towards mi n towards her block ... i giggle somemore ... n den she spots mi ... n she starts giggling too ... omg omg omg ... chloe i lov u so much ... i really do ...

March 17 - 21 2008 - organising chloe's hall stuff
i was away in shenzhen, shanghai n phuket e whole week but every few hours we talk =D i think of chloe all e time - n in shenzhen i hunt down nice tights for her =D keke =D omg ... she tells mi all abt wad she did ... finally jin n chloe managed to meet at amk, kbox, shopping n dinner ... keke =D e two of them even recorded 勇气 yong qi togetheron fridae - chloe started packing her things for hall life =D she's juz woke up at home n i am at supermarket but we're on phone together - as she tells mi stuff to get, i pic her favourite bath cremes, shampoo, conditioner, toiletries, etc ... i rush to get comfy pillow, bolster, sheets, towels, blanket, study lamp, hair dryer, kettle, cotton wools, cosmetic basket, cleaning gear etc etc ... n den chloe n mi go fix up her room at ntu. in e afternoon i accompany her to facial. at nite - we stroll along esplanade n e river ... we stop near acm where in e darkness, she is most comfortable n intimate ... she giv mi this deep deep bear hug n i wonder why but i didnt dare ask ...
every night we talk when she gets into bed. "bob, gd nite. U're e first guy who make mi trust u within such a short period of time. i may not noe ur everything, but u're just so great, u appreciate mi."
she tells mi all abt study group gathering wif sabbie, xh, jeanie, cfc, terry n frog @ yt food court ... aiyo - poor frog - sigh - tough luck for frog - but my own luck is forever worse than frog's ba - no matter wad - at least frog got chance n frog is happy - mi, i got minus zero hope :( sigh ... i m really happy to make chloe happy but wad a tragedy for mi - is really my fault ba - i shud never hv started this - i was rite to hesitate at e begining but so stupid to cheong in n love her - i was selfish n now i am dying everydae - is e worst when u r dying n still not dead - is worst when it hurts everydae - y i so dumb ? y i work so hard when 4ever i got no hope ?
bob: "if there is a God, can i thank Him for chloe? can i thank Him for a hyper, smart, alert, high spirited, warm n kind hearted angel? if there is a God, thank You for chloe, cos only a high maintenance angel wud miss call mi many times a dae, wud pei mi n luff wif mi, wud lemme pei her, wud sms n sae CALL MI ! keke - wad a nice girl ..."these nights chloe refuse to slp ... everytime i ask her if we shud hang up, she sae no ... so i talk to her until she fall aslp:
"bob tell mi how much u lov mi ? Will u go up to e sky n get 星星 xing xing (stars) for mi ?"
"当然 chloe dear, i will jump up and get 猩猩 xing xing (ape) for u" =D
"bob tell mi how much u lov mi ?"
"i love u so much that i will ..." and so all e mushy not-to-b-blogged stuff i said softly n reassuringly to her ... till she fell aslp ...

March 22 2008 - jin's so kind hearted
she was supposed to go out wif her frens todae n somehow everything fell apart n she was real sianx ... i tink junhao couldnt make it oso [this was easter weekend n junhao's probably really busy] ... all of a sudden she wanted to go out - so i cut short my dinner wif my mum n dad n rushed over ... chloe n mi went to see stepup 2 at west mall ... poor chloe, i reassured her tt everything wud b all rite ... jin even phoned in e middle of our movie ... jin is really so kind hearted de ... she was really worried n she really looks out for chloe ...

March 23 - 27 2008 - starting hall stay
this week chloe starts her ntu hall stay ... i magiclean her room, buy all her fav food - koko crunch, nissin n myojo noodles, white chocs, pokka green tea, milo, etc ... from sundae to thursdae, we met every nite in ntu... sundae n mondae nite @ her room; tuesdae fetch her back home to mum, weds morning get her back to ntu, n weds nite we had zhi char dinner @ jurong foodmore - i tried to get her e something better - stingray, vegetables, eggs since no-one expects campus food to b great; thurs morn i bring more printed notes [these daes i print most of her lecture notes :) heex]... thurs nite we go dinner at thai village sharksfin - i nv knew she liked sharksfin soup, scallops, etc :) heex ... these daes her mum calls her often n i guess mum worries abt her, wad a great mum ! --- is a pity e circumstances do not allow mi to assure mrs. chua dat chloe is getting e best care possible ...

a photo of chloe studying in her hall room (: she's awesome at multi-tasking - hotmail chat & music & video & doing tutorials & phone sms ... at midnight she says "bob ! i finished my tutorial alr !"

chloe: "everything is worth it for a nice dinner wif u. thank-you for everything u hav done. u r really so damn nice..."
bob: "u r worth spending eternity with... u r worth working hard for... u r worth hoping for... ur r worth dreaming for... u r worth waiting for..."
why issit we still hav so much to talk abt ? we talked abt her o-level n a-level results, her grades, how she was shaken @ her gp grade, how she was so blessed to get the course she wanted ... we talked about how she at many final exams always cui (do badly) ... but i kept cheering her on "u wont cui... u wont cui... u can do it... "

March 28 2008
is fridae todae n in afternoon i send her home for e weekend ... todae was supposed to b a quiet nite for mi at home, but things turned quickly. it was close to midnite when i logged leisurely into msn. and then - chloe starts msging about "wanting to break (jeff)" ... i tink junhao was oso online cos chloe msned him as well. i guess junhao oso knew abt e situation ... but chloe wanted to leave sembawang immediately n get home in a cab which at that hour alone wasnt a good idea ... so i said "wait for mi" n den i rushed over. it was around 1am when i finally reached sembawang psa naval repair base area to pic her ...
omg - this mus b one of e most dark dark deserted places in singapore - dim street lamps, large trees, tall vegetation, narrow quiet lanes, not a soul in sight, ... i finally got to her at 230 n it was an indescribeable sigh of relief to see her n get her outta that place ... by e time we got back to yt was 3.30, she had supper at yt, i sent her home @ 4, i slept @ 5.
she's really grown on mi ... she now brings out some of e most protective instincts in mi ... and i am really scared too, cos when there is a hard landing, i noe i really gonna get hurt ... and dat is really a frightening thot.

March 29 2008
a leisurely sat nite @ bugis village n junction - it's a dream to hold her bag n stuff while she pics out clothes or when she goes to e changing room - it's a dream to hold her tray while she pics out costume jewellery n earrings - it's a dream to kneel down n pull flip flops from shelves to her sweet feet ... we oso bot yang yang some supper ... finally i send chloe home.
chloe: "haha. now still talking to mom. wont be studying now. what're u doing now? Lol. so sianx. Not bad to be at home now. Cos when u leave home then u'll realise =D"
bob: "yay =D i so glad u realise oso =D heex =D after a while mum actually become a daughter's best fren =D cos mum always there as a steady rock for daughter =D keke"
chloe: "haha. my mom is my best friend. but i surely cant tell her abt u. hehe. I tell her im going to seek for better guys. =D cool. What're u doing? I think im dead."
bob: "nah u not dead =D keke =D u got whole life ahead - n so many fren incl bob who will nv let u go wrong road =D n one day u will learn e art of telling mum abt things u afraid to tell - remember how i told u ep1 ep2 n ep3 slowly ? It take time - any mum can see which fren really genuinely looking out for daughter =D"
chloe: "really ah? Lol. We talking abt loads of things. Abt our grandpa. Hee. Eh, bob is my friend? Hehe. Then U're e best friend after jin. Hehe! Thanks for knowing u."

30th March - April 2 2008: studying n working together
u noe chloe is really special when aft 3 mths u still wanna her so muc. u noe chloe is beautf when u dun look @ menu anymore. u noe chloe is princess when u wanna look after her forever, u noe how precious chloe is when u lift n carry her in ur arms n kiss her n lay her down n kiss her again ... n all u wanna do is to assure her, talk to her n b v gentle n tender to her n always tell her u nv ever take advantage of her.
but issit ever going to b anything ? issit she juz need attention ? every dae - she still sms mi many times, msn mi many times, miss call mi many times ... ever so often sms like "i miss u" ... does she not noe she is playing wif e heart of a guy who has not alot of experience ? omg, have u ev seen e perfect storm? my small boat rides on big waves, i am tossed around like a rag doll, one moment u r up n next moment down, i choke on salty tears ... i nv so scared in my life ...

4 April 2008
more far east shopping n a movie ... it was chloe's mum's birthdae - n so she bot her a guess wallet; meanwhile chloe got cardigans n clothes heex lol keke

5 - 12 April 2008
on e early morning of e 6th i will be off to usa for a few daes ... so i spent part of e 5th evening just cradling her in my arms while she is resting ... it's a dream to whisper sweet nothings into her ear ... it's a dream to kiss her tenderly ... it's a dream to keep telling her what a princess she is and how she deserves to b pampered ... it's a dream when she returns e hug ...
"chloe - i lov u beyond beyond n beyond ... i lov u till e dae i die ..."i even called her fr e plane - i nv did noe how to use e phone on e 747 but somehow it connected when i was in over e pacific ocean heex ... every nite in usa (which was morning in asia) i wud wake her up =D and some daes in usa (which was nite in asia) i wud talk her to slp ...
bob "if u find a good catch dun let it go..."
chloe "hmmmsx"
bob "if e catch sucks, throw it back into e sea..."
chloe "i tink no one is as dumb as u n mi ba..."
bob "i am e most dumb ... more dumb dan chloe... bob is biggest 笨蛋 ben dan... no one more 笨蛋 ben dan than bob"
chloe "i will throw it when i got a better catch..."
chloe "right?"
chloe "actually i already got a good catch..."
chloe "but ...."
bob "things will take time..."
chloe "too good de lar"
chloe "u wanna call mi?"
bob "okaess"
chloe "[kiss]"
bob "ty"
i can do my best, but only fate can make or break ... i m at fate's mercy ... wish i nv started ... maybe fate will break this ? i noe no matter wad - it is fate who allow or disallow, i remember e movie Step Up (2006) when Tyler tells Nora - is better not to dream so i will not be dissappointed when i dun get ? y did i start to dream ? can i juz reverse ? can i juz go back to my slaloms (rollerblading) in solitude ?

April 13 - 17 2008 - chloe's homework =D
i spent time wif chloe again ... how come chloe noe how to make mi lov her so ? how come she hug mi like a bolster ? keke =D some times in e morning - i wud go out to jurong west street 91 n get bkfast for both of us ...
sometimes i help her with her homework - her first communications assignment was her resume :) heex =D so fun =D and then we work on her comms letter - wow - her group was graded A- =D woots ! finally we worked on her disaster assignment n presentation =D woots ! she got B+ for her presentation n topped her entire group.

April 20 - 24 2008 - exam time
dis week n next - is chloe's exam - almost every morning n every nite - i wud bring her food - bkfast, dinner or supper ... popiah, cha shao bao, chwee kuay, hokkien mee, carrot cake, waffle, cha guo tiao, kfc, long-john-silver, bananas & seedless grapes, juice, zhen zhu nai cha, dou nai ... some nights we go to jurong west ave 5 foodmore n eat fish soup, stingray ... after her paper, she sae she cui le so i kept encouraging her ... she keep saying she wanna give up studying, but i kept telling her not to tink n juz do ... i tink i will keep being wif chloe juz to encourage her ...
some nites i bring food for hendra oso ... we juz study or work together at canteen A ... heex
other nites at hall room is juz she n mi - n i work on [M] stuff ... every now n then, she'll come over n ruffle my hair or hug mi ... and then she will sae "i want tiko ... i want tiko ..." heex lol keke ... i juz luff cos she so excitable de ...
bob "if yongxuan n u get together again, bob can leave u peacefully ... bob will祝你幸福 zhu ni xin fu ... i trust tiko more than e others ..."
chloe "no cannot ..."
bob "cannot wad ?"
chloe "u cannot leave mi ..."
bob "huh ... but if yongxuan n u get together again, is good rite ?"
chloe "不可能 bu ke neng ... 我更他不熟 wo geng ta bu shou ... "
bob "heex"
chloe "i wonder wad xiu hui wud tink if we got back together, i wonder wad jin wud tink, i wonder ..."
:) isnt bob is living on borrowed time ? yeah ... but which guy wont lov chloe ? she deserves everything nice ... she's e second girl who i've ever dated - maybe i too inexperienced ?
i kept my promise nv to take advantage of her ... i mean i lov her so much n i work so hard to get her trust, i surely dun wanna betray her trust n lose her n i dun wanna break my promise ... i told chloe - "most guys juz wan ur body ... but i dun wanna do anything bad to u ... i juz wan u ..." she sae "u r so different fr e other guys ..."
chloe: bob, can u not b so nice to mi ... i scared i cannot do wifout u ...
bob: shhh ! we take it slow ok ? dun wurry ok ?
chloe: why u like mi ?
bob: i like u cos u so excitable, so mischevious, so nottie, so alert, so hyper, ... how can any guy not luv u ? how can any guy not adore u ? how can any guy not work hard for u ? e guy u get will lov u, cherish u, treasure u, respect u, pamper u, provide for u, nv make u sad ...

April 28 2008 - xiuhui's bdae
tonight i sent chloe to meet up wif her frens n celebrate xiuhui's bdae ... i 偷偷 hung around e food court and waited =D keke =D chloe sae if cfc spot mi again - i will b dead =D heex =D so exciting - anyway most of e cool cats were there :) lolx =D sabbie n yanting, xiuhui n shawn, terry, fuchang, weisin and one of xh's best frens ... after cake cutting, cfc send chloe to e taxi stand n she got into e cab - as cfc turned to walk back to e cool cats, i slipped into e cab fr behind ... chloe sae "so dangerous..." =D lolx
bob: hey if u ever wanna throw bob away, u mus tell, dun keep in heart n dun sae ok ? wad ever u feel u mus sae ...
bob: u noe bob wont fan dui or bob wont stalk u n make u uncomfy ... bob is not crazy or weird ... he will leave quietly ... cos he promise at block 658 ... n everything he promise he keep promise ...
chloe: ok ...

April 30 2008 - end of exam
todae is e end of chloe's exam =D yay ! chloe went wif hendra for movie n after dat i met them n all of us go supper =D heex - wakao - i bring her home @ 4am - i waited on e 8th floor landing while she unlocked e flat n she gotta shock cos daddy was still awake ...

May 1 2008 - pretty nail art
e next dae - chloe goes to visit paris n daughter @ causeway point - i met chloe after - she was so tired - my heart oso pain whenever she is tired - i suggested we go do nail art cos she can sit down n rest ... she really perked up =D heex =D i so happy =D we reached bugis village n she goes off to 拜拜 bai bai while i hunt for a nice nail art boutique =D --- she chose a really pretty design - i like it soooo much - she looked so damn sexy seated on e steps with her legs n feet propped up on another step while e attendant hand painted both feet - omg omg omg omg omg - my heart almost stopped n i almost melted ... (is so damn romantic n 笨蛋 ben dan juz waiting for chloe while she does her nails, but dat's mi, i am 笨蛋)
chloe: Shit. U peep at me! Don think u melt. Sld be puke? Yup. She finish e second feet liao. Gonna b done soon i think. Abt 10 min can reach jiu ok. Take ur time sia. Lol. Are u a sweet bf? Omg. Omg.
bob: omg ... i've nv seen such cute intricately hand painted nail art on such sweet fingers n feet ... omg omg omg ... next time we can nv go back to pasted nail art, --- from now on - we mus always do hand paint type ... omg omg omg --- u look so so so so so so so pretty ... how can anyone not love u ?
chloe: u r blind.
with chloe well rested, we start shopping @ bugis ... @ EDC, she n mi spot a yellow top at e same time ... omg omg ... she is so scared how come we like e same tings ...

May 3 2008 - sabbie's singing competition n yx's bdae celebration
so so exciting =D heex =D ... todae i send chloe down to smu for sabbie's competition ... i juz watch fr another corner while junhao, xiuhui, yanting n others supported sabbie ... omg omg ... later junhao n chloe go meet rer, qiaozhen, gavin n yongxuan playing hide n seek in marina sq ... in e evening, as chloe arrives back at YT mrt, she n me go movie n food shopping at jurong east ... n den i m off to meet hendra b4 his usa trip ...

May 5 2008 - citi plaza
chloe n jin meet up todae at citi plaza =D heex - first i send chloe down to citi plaza n we kinda walk around abit =D n then jin meet chloe n off they go tgt shop shop =D omg - they bot heaps =D heex

May 6 2008 - wad a beautiful dae with chloe - i remember this day forever
chloe n mi go shop shop todae --- i pick her from yt, n bring chloe to skin specialist in mount e hospital n then after dat, lunch @ thai express, followed by shopping - bot teeshirts from bugis village n nosebleeding swim wear from rip curl =D omg =D finally i send her back to yt ... heex =D
meanwhile jin n chloe wan to do a makeup course - jin wanted e one at cck but it didnt offer e personal course ... so i found n confirm Sophys-tique at Stamford House.
Wad a flurry of activities - by e time i got back to e office, chloe changed her nickk to "wonderful boy i have" :) keke
bob: i promise that e "wonderful boy" will be yours forever if u wan
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 勇气❤ says: Haha, don promise, promises are meant to b broken
bob : if i work hard ... i noe i can promise =D lol - at least i noe where i went wrong ... and those who went wrong b4 learn from their mistake - so i learnt ... =D
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 勇气❤ says: like ?
bob: i learnt dat e guy mus lov e girl more n giv in to her ...
some of her frens mus hv seen her nickk ... keke =D here's one from terry =D haaaa
x-t[3]rry-x - <> - 现在分分秒秒的付出,将是未来点点滴滴的收获. says: lOl ok, take care, sweet dreams of WONDERFUL boy
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 勇气❤ says: yucks
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 勇气❤ says: actually e wonderful boy is YONGXUAN
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 勇气❤ says: MUHAHAHAHAHA
i guess this realli is a 不能说的秘密 ...
this is e night b4 chloe's cbc ogl camp ... so we meet at hall this night and go supper @ bukit timah - i tell her i love her, i love to pei her, i love to "maintain" her, love to pamper her, i promised her i wud b there for her forever ... .

7 - 9 May 2008 - cbc ogl camp
she's off to camp for 3 daes ... i thot it wud be 3 daes wifout chloe n talking to her but is like i am on full standby to help =D keke ... she forgets her sneakers n i go JP to buy nice red / black ones for her n i go src gym to pass it to her. Then her camp "Amazing Race" sends mi running to do stuff: "what's italy's national flower?", "how big is vivo city?",
"how high does dhl balloon go?", "how many restaurants/cafes in citilink mall?", "wad is name of jap restaurant in tampines swim complex?", etc etc ... and "need to find 5 black trash bags, 4 pieces of card board, rubber bands, plastic bags, 1 rag..." so off i go to assemble all these ... so qiao, one of the amazing race stops is @ bugis n so i passed her e stuffs and follow =D keke LOL =D her a while as her team hunts down more clues in e bugis area ... she said she became e "logistic girl" of her team helping to answer questions n assemble stuffs.
chloe: thanks so much man. they sae i got a super nice bf =D are u happy ? lol ... u can go for lunch now ...keke =D lol =D heex =D muacks
chloe: good night bob. i miss u. thinking abt how u pei me spend my hall life. thanks =D i really hope i wont wake u up. have a safe n nice trip tml. rmb to shop !but my phon was always nxt to mi - i always woke up to speak wif her =D n i always loved calling n talking to her everytime n so i talked to her till she fell aslp =D

11 - 16 May 2008 - earthquake brings mi home early; jin loses princess
it was to b my longest trip (beijing, shenyang, wuhan n chengdu) away fr chloe n i sure was feeling miserable ... we spoke so often ...
but sometime on e 12th afternoon, there was a huge 7.9 scale earthquake in chengdu - around 70000 pple might have perished n collapsed buildings everywhere ... chengdu itself was 57 miles from e epicenter of e quake ... by tuesdae, [M] executives were calling mi n telling mi in no-uncertain-terms dat e rest of my trip had been cancelled ... (i wished i had setup chengdu as e first city in my agenda cuz if i perished, chloe would b so much betta off without mi) ... anyway my trip got cut short n by thursdae 15th, i was wif chloe again - sending her for job interviews, shopping n juz being together ...
on 15th night which was to b nice n quiet - jin's dog "Princess" bolts out of e home ... chloe called mi n so i logged onto jin's frenster, found a pic of Princess, n started to walk around cck north 5 to look for the white japanese spitz ...
on e 16th, chloe was so sianz at home n hungry so i rushed to lot1 to buy kfc, yakult, saralee cake, polar curry puff, fruits =D keke =D
chloe: i drink yakult. apple one nice. now i watching show offline. keke. boring. if one day i no longer contact u. how ?
bob: may be one day u will throw bob away =D but bob won throw u away =D is sad cos
chloe bow to external pressure todae but maybe in future she might hv more yong qi =D but things take time so i not worry yet =D

19 - 24 May - temp job starts @ tsl
on tuesdae - chloe n mi go citiplaza to shop - keke she buys fr e shop dat jin intros her to ... omg omg omg ... den we go parkway parade ...
wednesdae to fridae - i pic her from home n send her to benoi sector, some far off tuas factory for her temp job, she likes cheese bun n sausage bun n drink, so i buy loads for her bkfast n teabreak. Most nites i meet her again n we go dinner - pizza hut n blooies at railmall ...
chloe "i really dono what to do bob. i sucks. seriously i think i really sucks. i oso don wanna fan anyone. jus tell hanwei im feeling sad but nv tell reason. is cos i sucks ah. tat's why i feeling so terrible."
bob "frens dun get angry wif each other - i thot u looking for nice guy 2 b happy wif but if u can accept lame excuse next time u can accept other lame excuse ... do u noe removing gf photos from facebook album is start of cheating process? but if u r ok wif that, den u found happiness oreadi..."
[interestingly, juz days earlier ang's [qingxiang is rer's fren) dad keeps e mum's photo away n e cupboard - ang's blogs this incident - however chloe's reaction to deleted photos on facebook is surely mild compared to ang's]
chloe "is cos i sucks"
bob "i notice something - nowadays all fren is v busy wif their lives, jin n neo, yk, terry, liang all v busy, is not like unity daes when everyone in sch together n got more time so all frens will listen but nowadays there is less time to tell them whole story wif details ... dey expect u to make right decision, so if u make wrong decision, dey oso too busy to noe ..."
chloe "yah"
bob "when u tell hanwei or jin tt u r sad - wad u expect them to sae ? everyone listen but their lives v busy e.g. ur cousin husb run away wif china girl n she hide at home n u didn do long talk wif her cos ur life oso v busy..."
chloe "understand"
bob "in e long term ur best fren mus b ur bf - he is e one u confide in - cos busy pple can only hv few best fren, so jin n neo, xh n shaun, sab n yting, but if bf / gf is not best fren like terry n girl, or u n jeff then i worry u headed for bad times ..."
chloe "i noe"
bob "good nite bao bei n sweet dreams"

26 - 30 May - jin and chloe's course begins
another gruelling week in her temp job at tsl for chloe ... thank goodness i can fetch her there every dae - otherwise she will b so tired. on mondae - after work 530pm i send her from tsl to city hall where she meets jin ... now chloe doesnt know where stamford house is, so as jin appears @ the city hall mrt exit, i walk far ahead of them n chloe simply follows my steps towards stamford house - heex
jin n chloe take turns to make up on each other :) n draw each other's eyes :) make up gets thicker :) lol amidst e laughter n giggle, e make up course continues :) n gisella sae that e girls take "revenge" on each other as they apply the pens n brushes heex :) haha :) later on e mrt - jin n chloe dare not look at each other (shy) cos e make up so thick :) lolx - finally jin takes photos of both at yt :) chloe doesnt dare take 302 home cos she tinks e driver might get a fright and abandon e bus :) haha
during e make-up session, gisella talks about mi - "whose bob ? he ask for 4 sessions when actually we do only 2 or 3", "er he is v detailed...", "er ok i giv u free lipstick because of bob...", heex :) finally jin asks chloe "who's bob" and chloe explained that "bob lives in yew tee n he helped look for princess (jin's dog) e other nite ..." jin is a little perplexed n wonders how come bob noes how princess looks like ... heex :) lol
chloe "u very zei ..."
bob "haha yes yes yes - now at least jin noes there is a 'bob' somewhere... bob v zei..." :) heex
chloe "jin going to meet bf after makeup course"
bob "yes i come to bring u home"
chloe "ok u come later"
chloe "oh no, jin not meeting bf liao how?"
after e makeup course at 9:30pm, chloe send mi a msg "u taking bus wif us? we opposite stamford house. we taking 190" heex :) so i chased e bus n got on at e stop opposite far east plaza. finally at cck interchange, jin n chloe sat talking to each other while i waited for them to end. finally jin takes 307 and we board 302.
chloe "u stalking mi everydae mah ?"
bob "eh ... is u who invite mi to take bus leh ... n everydae is not stalk u ok? is fetch u to work n back... is to make sure u not tired horx..." keke lol heex muacks xoxo
choe and jin take photos at cck while waiting for the bus:

31 May - 4 June - chloe n family goes to shenzhen
i rush off in e morning to airport to make sure e boarding passes can be reissued again at silkair counter [cos when helped them do internet checkin - i printed e krisflyer award passes but my lappy hung up] - finally her daddy, mummy, jinn yang, chloe n granny is leaving todae... anyway i sat n waited near e check-in counter and sure enuf, e family troop in ... chloe turns her head n gives me a wide wide smile but none of the Chua family notice :) heex phew...
chloe "u stalking mi again ... hee hee"
bob "eh... i here to make sure boarding pass is ok lei... ok la is true... i stalk u cos i wanna see u for las time b4 u go mah... everydae wif u is like e last, our relationship so delicate, anytime bob can be thrown away de..."
in shenzhen, chloe n mi still in constant contact :) heex :) i equipped her wif a chinamobile phone, n we continue to talk n sms ever so often.
chloe "u make me addicted to u cos u care for me too much"
bob "i so happy for u :) daddy provided for everyone! if one dae we can b tgt, i will like to show u e world :) heex :) meanwhile - all i can do is pass award miles for daddy mummy to show u e world :) haha"
chloe "bobbi! how can anyone be as sweet as u! i tink u really deserve someone better."
bob "i watching tv travel channel 16 now. i realise many pple take life easy. if they cant find wad they wan they move on. but i realise i so different cos i realise i only wan u n i dun anyone else - i m weird i tink - but i finally noe i so damn committed to u :)"
chloe "omg! u so sweet until i feel like flying back to singapore le."

4 - 7 June 2008 - chloe fell ill
omg - by now, mrs chua and mr chua seem coin the name "bobbi". jinn yang (chloe's brother) might also noe... mrs chua talks to her frens abt e [M] "girl" who's contributed to this shenzhen trip [at some earlier date, chloe said her fren from [M] is a girl; i had objected to her saying that but it was too late] ... then chloe changes my name to "jean" - yucks --- so now i'm stuck wif "jean".
chloe's sms is "my mum likes to talk abt u" - yikes ! i dunno wad that means but i tell chloe is time to lie low n keep low profile for a while :) heex
then chloe falls ill - n on 5th we go to CCK doctor and get some help. then jin arrives n meets her at CCK n they shop for cosmetics at lot1. I wait as jin n chloe shop and chat at CCK interchange ... then chloe n mi board 302 together.
on that night around midnight - chloe receives her NTU results :) [she doesnt dare look up e result on e web so sock sian always looks for her :) ] wooooots ! everything paid off ! she got B+ for all her grades n i was so excited. i noe she was really really happy too.
bob: "hey wad did i tell u, u sae everytime finals u will cui diao, but look, u really didnt cui - so things are really looking good rite ? u even jumped two levels from B- in sem1 to B+ in sem2. arent u happy ?"
on saturday 7th, i bring chloe to doctors once more - she wanna do health screening. she was scared she had some terminal disease. i kept assuring her she was ok. i sae even if anything happen to her, i wud still look after her ...

9 - 13 June 2008 - sigh, she's slipping away ...
i was emo todae [chloe met an online fren "shayne" several weeks ago] i juz afraid chloe wud throw mi away ... n i noe i am helpless - standing there and watching her slip away to someone else ...

©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: bob
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: im not slippin away
bob says: ok
bob says: sorry sorry sorry
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: dun sae sry
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: i sld b e one
bob says: is my fault ... I should never have ...
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: i got so many things i wanna tell u
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: but i donno how to start
bob says: mmmm
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: =)
bob says: take ur time ...................................................
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: sometimes i wonder.. will u really always be there when i needed u
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: FaTe Is BuiLDiNg A BriDge oF ChAnCe fOr SomEoNe Yo LovE... DesTinY iS abouT TakIng A sTep iN finDinG dAt SpeCial SomEoNe
bob says: the answer is yes .................
bob says: i noe is hard for u to believe .......
bob says: those who noe me for a long time noe that i am steadfast
bob says: and time will tell the truth ...................................
bob says: there are a few tell tale signs of committment
bob says: not jus to chloe.... but to her frens n family
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: hmmmm
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: i know.
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: i trust u
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: but i donno wat will happen in e future ya?
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: bob
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: don think le.
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: i nv think abt dumpin u
bob says: ok
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: zhen de
bob says: but ... bob shudn be selfish
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: i need u by my side now
bob says: i am here ... i will nv leave u ..... time will prove.... prove my words
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: no matter wat i become?
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ 牵牵牵手 says: become an ugly girl?
bob says: no matter wad u become ........
bob says: even if u become disfigured ... touch wood
bob says: even if u r in a wheel chair
bob says:even if u r ill
every morning i fetch her to tsl ... i bot lotsa stuff for her bkfast everydae - beehoon mee n taiwan sausage + vege + fish cake (she likes e one at YT foodcourt), dou nai drink n yakult n bottle of mineral water, several cheese buns + sausage buns and finally a banana fr YT market. every evening fetch her home.
we went shopping on saturdae - bugis - chloe bot a jewellery box, shiseido cosmetics, a pen for father's dae, den we had dinner - hanging out on e sofa at va va voom viet cafe ... there were so many things i wanted to tell her ... i tink my whole life revolves around her ...
bob: "bao bei - is oreadi around 6 months together - is a miracle"
chloe: "wah u can stand mi for 6 months, 你不简单 !haha"
finally chloe is slipping away, ... i doubt if there will b a 7th month wif chloe :( ... i lov her so but chloe doesnt want to wait...

17 - 19 June 2008 - e begining of e end
todae e 17 june is e day i start to lose her forever. no one's ever seen shayne b4 n no one noes if he's who he claims to be ... so jus to b safe, chloe arranges to meet him in a public open space - Orchard Cineleisure. In e morning - i bring her to meet Shayne. they spend e day together. in e evening, shayne sends her to 691 lobby but we wait for him to board the 302 b4 chloe comes downstairs to meet me ...
on wednesday, i send chloe to ikoma jap class n wait for her while she completes her first lesson ... then i send her home. just b4 she sleeps we talk again ...
chloe: please sing to mi ...
bob: ok ... 爱转角 ... 心不再拼命躲, 不去害怕结果, 假设有个以后, 你会怎么说, 一直想跟你说, 幸福不再溜走, 下个路口 你会看见爱, 有美丽笑容
爱转角遇见了谁, 是否不让你流泪, 将寂寞孤单作废, 让我来当你的谁, 我不让爱掉眼泪, 不让你掉眼泪, 现在永远 你就是我, 就是我的美
[ heart's not running away anymore, not afraid of the outcome, supposely, if there is a future, what would you say ? always wanted to tell you, (that) happiness will never slip away, at the next street intersection, you'll see love, having a pretty smile
at Love's * Corner who will you meet ? not letting you drop tears, let loneliness become invalid, let me be your someone, i won't let love drop any tears, not letting you drop tears, now till forever, you're mine, you're my beauty…]
bob: ok chloe - it is getting late, better slp, good night good night ...
finally this is the end - the last few daes r coming - time slows down - my world stops spinning - n i find courage and strength to cherish n treasure her for e las time ...
chloe: haix. sorry
bob: sorry wad ? i oso dunno wad u sorry about lei
chloe: haix.
bob: u notice i didn say sorry cos i mean everything i sae to u n i do and commit everything i sae
chloe: =(
bob: but anyway suan le, if u wan him u jus go ba
chloe: i dono
bob: u really really wan someone to show .... and i can see that this is so impt to u
chloe: m i hopeless? m i deprived? m i desparate? ARGH I HATE MYSELF
bob: is wad u want girl - who is going to put value judgement on u ? who is going to condemn u ? no one noes right ? all they noe is there is a shayne and he is nice guy - and so by tmrw - Jin will oso say "go for it, i support u" - no one noes except mi ma - so why worry
chloe: no she will not sae tat
bob: everyone will - i sure - who wont ? these are your best friens u noe all of them oso can understand u wan someone to show, u wan someone to lov u, u wan someone to go to bangkok, redang etc
chloe: haix
bob: u wan someone who can do a double date e.g. jin neo sockz shayne
chloe: haix
bob: so if that is wad u wan - who is not going to support ?
chloe: argh
bob: no one noes about mi ma - so why worry - i sugges u dun worry - i ran thru all the tinking a long time ago - and i thot thru all e scenarios - only if there is a crisis - maybe i hav a chance wif u - but now - i got no chance and i got no power - so why worry - u shud just decide ... the promises I made at blk 658 still stand - cos i stable and constant
chloe: heh - xie xie ni
chloe: i know u sure don wanna talk to me de
bob: nonsense - i am here - that promise also stand - i not leaving - that promise also stand
chloe: argh
bob: but ur promise - i cannot bind u to your promises - because i tink ur mood change now and then - and u might say one thing today but mean something else tmrw - but i cannot bind u to wad u promise
chloe: haix.
bob: because i understand mood changes

20 June 2008 - almost end point le ...
yet another morning - fetch her to tsl; lunch bring her eat sharksfin. in the conversation chloe shares more stuff ...
bob: does jin noe abt this...?
chloe: no
bob: girl i tink u mus try to be closer to jin n tell her more - if i m e one who noe so much i jus scared lor - if ur life got any problem there mus b some to share wif beside bob - but i oso understand scorpio keep alot of secret to themselves
chloe: i tink i share wif u alot liao. e first i tell someone so many things.
chloe: hai. ok ok. i dono eh. maybe later i talk to jin. see how ba. seriously dead. hai.
evening - i pic chloe n send her to city hall mrt to meet jin ... we speak in quiet soft tones ...
chloe: [very quietly] "i don need u ... 我讨厌你..."
bob: [i hug her quietly] sigh - ya i so scared - ya i noe ... mood swings make u sae this ... i so scared but i cannot control ur mood ... juz remember by next dae, next week, when u n shayne get closer, u may 讨厌 mi more, u may feel further n further from mi ... but remember that i always lov u n treat u e same, same mood ... remember pls pls pls don ever sae "bob u went away fr mi" ... cos i e same ... i here ... but u - ur mood keep changing - i dunno - sigh

chloe nods n keeps v quiet ... she rests her head on my shoulder ...
we reach city hall mrt - then jin appears out of no where in e crowded station so i instinctively duck away - shit - jin spots mi - mus b e first time she's ever seen mi...
i can't have chloe 讨厌 mi ... my promise was for us to hv happy memories together - if she starts to 讨厌 mi, then isn't it better for us not to contact le ? i lov her so much that i wan her to hv happy memories of us ...

21 - 29 June 2008 - chloe throws bob away
twice she sae "no contact le" and break wif mi - so i keep v quiet n didn dare to contact her - but dunno why she continue to sms mi n talk to mi eh - then on sundae - i fetch her to meet paris (her fren) at admiralty ...mondae - i send her again to tsl - and then...

chloe: i gonna take half dae leave
bob: todae take 1/2 day ?
chloe: i think so ... wo bu guan le. since im quitting soon. haha!
bob: ok so if cfm u take 1/2 day .... can u lemme noe ? so i can get u back home ? or du u wan to go somewhere to rest ?
chloe: i wan go buy bras =D but i shy then donno where to get triumph de expensive
bob: i noe where
chloe: wher?
bob: i tink go imm
chloe: am i very bad to go off like tat
bob: no la...... if got nothing to do, go n rest is betta
chloe: i wanna buy bras eh
bob: ok ok we go and buy bras
so, off we went shopping, IMM - chloe bot cardigans, tops, bras, etc ... n she sae not enuf nice bras - she wanna go young hearts @ BHG - so we went to Bugis ... and then since it was our 6 months anniversary :) heex :) i told her i buy her a diamond ring - so i convinced her to choose a nice one at lee hwa jewellery - so she chose white gold ring wif a 0.26 c g-color vvs heart shaped diamond [ i told her is for remembrance since our r/s so fragile, anyday bob can be thrown - so i didnt wanna wait to custom find a diamond but to buy one off e shelf ] but in e end we had to wait till weds to get e ring cos chloe was a size 11 ...

wednesdae: after work at tsl, i brought her back to rest @ va va voom cafe's nice cosy n dimly lit corner ... both of us sit on e sofa, side by side intimately, then i take out e ring fr e box really slow, my left hand holds her right hand so tenderly, my right hand slowly slips e ring onto her middle finger, ... as e ring is halfway in, she mischeviously pulls her hand back n pushes e ring all e way inside herself ... haha :)

bob: "hello girl, cannot like dat de, mus b v v slow like in romantic movie de lei ... mus put in slowly slowly hee ... er ... can we start again ?"

chloe goes "eh no ba, ring is in oreadi ... cannot anymore ... hee"then chloe flops over ontop of mi, her heads rests on my chest for some time, her arms come around n hug mi, and we kiss ever so slowly n tenderly ...

[ after jap class ends at 945pm on weds night, we buy supper at cck 302 food court, and then i send chloe back home at 1030pm, rush back to my home by 11pm, reach to changi airport by 1120pm and board plane at 1am to shanghai and hangzhou ]

[ then on thursdae - mummy n chloe have a big face off, damn - mummy dun wanna chloe go for holidae with her frens, n chloe is really angry, meanwhile i am doing all chloe's shopping in Qi Pu Lu area - buying shirts for liang, yiokiang, weisin, yanting, cfc, terry, hendra, ciputra, hanwei; we talk so often - we msg so often - we never stop ... from shanghai i go to hangzhou and then back to shanghai again by friday evening and arrive in singapore on saturday at 530am ]

28 June - 4 July 2008 - preparing chloe's BKK trip
a flurry of activities this week as e preparation for chloe's BKK trip gets underway - checking hotel and air ticket prices, prepaid sim n top-up cards, forex, booking nice holiday-inn on phloenchit road, and ofcourse the pre-holiday shopping - contact lens, toiletries, bags, spare phone, etc ...
is been a feat convincing mummy to let chloe go BKK - mummy finally consents cos priscillia (chloe's cousin) is bringing her to BKK ... there is a 3rd passenger ofcuz tt no one noes about - jeff cant make it, so it's gonna be yx haha :) ... mummy's mum (granny) is also pretty thrifty and so she is told that chloe is going for school camp instead ... so there is a bunch of cover-ups to make this trip possible :) heex
conversations about trip arrangements happen between prisc and mi as chloe cut-paste messages across MSN windows... my name is "jean" (from [M] company) ... prisc tinks jean is so sweet to do so much work, and she wants to buy mi a pearl necklace heex :)
tuesdae - chloe gets hungry all the time - and i get really sad whenever she is hungry - i tink my heart is too soft eh ... anyway tuition at ends at 9pm so i buy lotsa chicken wings for e family n fish hor-fun for granny and meet her after tuition to pass her e stuffs.
wednesdae - jap class and again i bot supper (mcdonalds) so she wont b hungry at 1am ...thursdae and friday - chloe does her hair at jurong point, then we go shop shop getting more stuffs for her saturdae's trip to BKK...

5 - 11 July 2008 - many daes of not seeing chloe
it's many many daes of not seeing chloe - first time i havent seen her so long ... i get calls and sms from her every now and then - she even calls mi while yx is in e room n listening to her conversation - and she told me she spent alot of $ shopping :) haha :) while yx shows her the finger - yx tinks she she spend too much eh :) heex
prisc teases chloe and yx - "hello mr and mrs koh yong xuan ..." meanwhile at breakfast, yx says the situation is scandalous ... naturally yx tinks there are just two guys involved - yx and jeff, while prisc noes there are three guys involved - yx, jeff n shayne ... only chloe noes there are 4 guys involved :) haha :) [ i really doubt there is a 5th party since i consume alot of chloe's time n the time i dun consume, i kinda measure e duration of her other appointments so if there are large unexplained blocks of time - i would noe :( sheesh bad bob :( ]
by the 8th tuesdae - chloe is pretty sure yx is the one she wants (i tink) - i've alwaes supported her abt yx - yx is honest n straight forward - he doesnt promise sky n earth n he sets expectations, chloe noes him well too ... anyway i am off to tokyo - 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th n back on 12th 1am. chloe is wif yx till 3am, n we talk on phone at 4am.
chloe: good night le. talk to u more tml ba. Maybe u starting to hate me le. i really tink i sucks. but i've to thank you for making me see tat shayne is not someone i want. eventually yx is still e one after such a big round. omg. but he is going to ns le... hehe. means less time for me too :(
[ after note: shayne was angry n kinda abusive when chloe spoke to him - anyway phew - this shayne storm is over - even prisc sae tt "shayne is not natural" ]

12 - 20 July 2008 - another week of camps ...
saturdae: jap makeup class todae - juz being able to see chloe again is quite indescribeable - i had not seen her for 7 daes
mondae: chloe goes to ntu cbc camp but she said she'd wanna come home at nite ... so i waited for her call while hanging out at street 91 ... finally weijian sends her back :) heex
tuesdae: chloe is ill again and so we go doctor and oso open a new dbs account for her to spend $$$ ... omg
wednesdae: chloe comes to bugis to do manicure and pedicure :) ... i then send her to ntu cbc secret partner (sp) nite ... at first she wasnt staying overnight and planned to go home but then she changed her mind n wanted to sleep over at ntu so she asks mi to send her sweets, shoes, socks and sanitary pads tmrw. while i prepared everything, i sensed i shud return to hall 16c this nite so at 130am i arrv :) heex :) is fortunate i did so cos by 2am
chloe wants to go home instead. by 245am, i got her home and we slepted at 330am.
thursdae: by 10am, i pic chloe n send her to yt mrt where she met up wif her gang for e cbc amazing race. meanwhile i hang on to chloe's overnight bag - she's gonna stay for e camp tonight. in e evening 7pm, i send stuffs + dinner/supper to pasir ris park where all e cbc events for initiation nite are taking place. funny - by 1am, chloe is "sianz", so i sensed i shud go back to wait at pasir ris park. she kinda noe by now tat i alwaes hang around especially when she is "sianz" :) haha :) she wasnt surprised ...
chloe: yup yup. i tink i might leave soon eh. cos i m not feeling so well now. no voice.
bob: i m 30 seconds away fr u sitting on a park bench :) haha
chloe: okay. i know. but i m feeling real sianz.finally we left pasir ris park @ almost 4 n by e time we slept was 5. we were so tired.
fridae: we spend most of fridae together [ i bot mcdonalds n she has bkfast in bed :) heex ]she's e sweetest ever, is juz nice hugging n cuddling tgt. is nice juz lazing tgt n doing nothing - i spend precious moments massaging her feet with her favourite victoria secret pretty-in-pink body lotion - i dunno how she tugs at my heartstrings but i lov her so so much. is oreadi 7 months tgt ... tat is amazing. in e evening, i send her home.
saturdae: after tuition, i waited for chloe to pass her more cup noodles, choc swirl cake, yakult - all her favourites ... this girl is alwaes hungry ...
chloe: hehe. i dono how come a guy can love a girl so much eh. Lol.
bob: wo men 7 mths le n i still cannot stop loving u :) keke :) lol heex :)
its sundae and now chloe's planning to go to cac camp ... yet another camp :( haha
chloe: i sick. i vomited. now in bed.
bob: u still wanna go to camp ma ?
chloe: yup. i tink i decide tml when i wake up ba. i m feelin better now :) i wanna play e sp game lei. keke. but if i cannot take it during e camp i know u'll be there.
bob: heex nowadays u no longer surprised when i turn up waiting for u ... heex ... u so so cute dang ran i b there ! i follow u to e end of e world to make sure u r all rite.
bob: anyway everydae wif u could b e las so i wanna spend a lot of time wif u. i dunno when u might throw mi away.
chloe: i try to keep u close to me but yx cannot find out. but is ok la. i changed ur name le. unless he really go n check. don worry.
bob: i truely lov u. i truely do n i not gonna leave u even if u become sick or become ugly.
chloe: wow. u sae de ah. i disfigure myself. haha. good nite :)
i spend sundae shopping for chloe's cac camp needs - sleeveless abercrombie tees, roxy pink sandals, jap goggles, adidas clima cool yoga pants, fbt shorts, zinc wallet for sp nite present, sweets, toiletries ... she loves e pink sandals i bot :) haha :) she wears 'em around her home omg :) her mum asks where sandals came from, so she sae she stole em from e neighbour omg :) finally i send her to boonlay where she assembles for cac camp...

21 - 27 July 2008 - cac camp
chloe: how ah ? should i continue to stay in camp ? no voice le. very xin ku. i tink i wanna stay.
bob: is up to u :) i juz support u onli :) hee :) go where ur heart wan to go ba :) i noe u really wanna stay :) i rather u come home :) but i noe u wanna stay - so i juz keep supporting u alwaes :)
bob: bao bei - rmb - whether is 1am or 5am - but i dun sleep - i m avail 24 hours - tat's mi - alwaes awake n alert - be it u wan supper or go home or go anywhere - i m alwaes here - i iov u n will nv forsake u - lol muacks xoxo - u r my bao bei forever :)
chloe: i didnt slp whole night. whole dae talking to my og. they noe abt yx. well cos my traffic light color is amber. i guess u still slping. good morning.
bob: hello ? i not aslp ok :) good morning :) i alwaes awake :) :) i hope u hv some time todae to hv some slp :) heex but i doubt it ...
chloe: omg go sleep can. i m hving so much fun. cos i made more nice frens. todae is fright nite. now time to wake up. they sae y i so early sms someone. haha.
bob: haha :) early sms cos got someone tt nv slp n alwaes awake n there for chloe :) bad bob
chloe: we now waiting breakfast. yx didnt reply my sms lo.
bob: tink he still aslp cos h v tired - he work whole night to do edit so he v qing lau - i tink 2 of u can de :) but u mus talk to him seriously n ask y he wan u. of all e guys - he is most suitable - mummy n sian dunno how bad jeff was - jeff got good pr n noe how to sweet talk n for grandma he buy cigarettes but he was bad - if pple noe how bad n if pple noe e truth - they wont like jeff so much i tink. yx de public relation pr not so good but he honest.
[ late on mon night - chloe is recalled home after losing her voice - i was there readi to send her home but daddy did so instead :) poor chloe cried but she was so xin ku - sigh ]
finally she got to rest on tuesdae and wednesdae - we went to see doc on tuesdae n oso goto bank to open a new acct for chloe ... :) heex :) .. i sent her back to camp on weds
during this week - henry (chloe's little boy cousin) oso received his nice lappy - i had configured lots of educational software n games onto e lappy - he loved it so much - i tink he fell off the chair while using it =D

28 July - 9 Aug - as school begins (4th Aug)
e last 7 months is a miracle n everydae is still a miracle ... even under difficult times - we still talk, n most nites she still missed called mi n we talk ... we spoke till she fell aslp =D i always continue whispering a few sweet tings b4 hanging up lol
chloe: actually i cannot believe that in e world such a nice guy still exist eh. shit. im so lucky =D
bob: lol ... ok i pick u up at ntu nie carpark n send u back ... is late le
chloe: xie xie ni eh. always stay by for me. :) now going online. Hehe. school's getting so fun now. die. I got no motivation to study le la. Omg omg. Hehe. "
chloe: me n him tgt liao. i don dare to tell others abt it. haiyo. sianx man. but i tink nvm. take our time le:) im still wearin ur ring.
bob: lol
chloe: shit, just now someone ask abt me n jay. then yx saw. omg. he disappointed with me. how ah?
bob: jus explain tt jay n u were in fright night n had to hold hands so pple thot u were tgt
chloe: no. he say i nonsence eh. i tink i wanna try and give up on yx eh. cos i tink im having fun now. if with him means hard eh. how ah? i actually kinda afraid of being commit now. cos who knows what happen when he go to ns ?
bob: could it be u not ready for a long term relationship? is it that u wanna play? if so perhaps u dun wan hurt Jay oso? I tink there wil still b lots of lonely times ahead n only yx n mi might b there n realli no one else e end of e day - there will onli be a few guy who truely lov u - e rest jus wan u for ur body - but i dono if u believe mi - or may b e u dun care ? Dun worry abt yx - he will come around
chloe: huh? we now gonna talk le. I tink i better let him go and not hurt him. sianx. I really disappoint him le. Now i dono what to say. I sldn jump into e rs like that.
bob: is wad u wan - u wan longer term happiness or u wan enjoy for e moment ? ies cannot b bot dè - it come fr 2 pple tt like each other n spend time tgt :-) löL
bob: u tink too far maybe? Isnt life's journey made of tiny steps? Aren these steps made by pple who work hard at making rs work? Or ma de by pple serious abt rs? Chloe - u r not stupid eh, u damn smart dè, u can c ard u - ur frens who r successful at these tiny steps? But may b u dun wan to b successful? May b u dun care?
chloe: I don wanna talk le eh. I tink i sucks too much lo.
chloe: diao. But i really have so much trouble with guys. Hai. It's not nice to have so many rumours de. Im getting tired of hurting ppl le. hai. I dono. He's not replying my sms. Argh.
bob: dun worry :-) cos he lov u so he feel hurt ma ! Jeff didn feel hurt i tink cos he wasnt committed ? If u tell a guy - if i hurt u pls le ave mi - then will they leave ? If e guy lov u he will forgiv lorx :-) so who might hav forgiven u ?
chloe: I would like u to leave me if im hurting u ok?
bob: LöL :-) i nv laugh so much b4 :-) but thank you for saying this cos it show tt u care i tink :-)
chloe: yx is realli angry ... i've never been so serious before... (lost...)
bob: mmmm ... wad actually happened ? there was an MSN message and e guy sae "how r u and Jay ?"
chloe: then yx ask me to put facebook i got bf then i don wan ... hahahahaa ... tat's y lo
bob: so is not abt Jay tt he is hurt ... is that u refuse to acknowledge ur rs in public
chloe: yah
bob: oooo ... ya ... i noe how tt feels ... mmm ... acknowledgement of e rs is in e heart eh ... cos u didnt acknowledge in ur heart ... so u wont put on frenster oso nor on facebook ... n even if u did it in frenster n facebook ... when u go to camp ... u wud put urself as amber ... ni dong ma ?
chloe: i think i need to play more ba ... i don wan a long rs le
bob: is ok to play .... i tink ... but u noe tt when u play - e guy juz wan ur body rite .... as long as u noe ....
chloe: argh
bob: so u gotta watch out for those hazards - as long as guys "f" you a few times they will b satisfied n move on ... as long as u ok ... then jiu ok lorx ... cos got many chio bu n guys wanna more "girls" under their belt ...
chloe: uhs?
bob: meaning guys juz wan to "f" more and more cute girls n move on to another cute one .... so as long as u ok, jiu ok ... now .... all guys will sae - oh no girl - i really lov u - i really lov u - .... n i care u etc etc ... ni dong ma ?
chloe: yah
bob: mmmm ... if YX is smart ... (i pray he is smarter than me) ... he should run like hell now ... but if he is ben dan ... he will come back ... (like mi)
chloe: lol
bob: but there is a reason why ben dans exist in our world lol ... when a ben dan forgives ... e world is a betta place for the chio bu who truely appreciates tt is y when u said to me in e sms "if i ever hurt u ... u should leave me ..." is a statement that ben dans dun understand ... cos they forgive cos they love too much ... ni dong ma ?
chloe: ok
bob: so let's wait tonight to see if the world has a ben dan who will come back ...
chloe: ok
bryan >>>true friends are for life even if they are not around... says (9:53 PM): don't u haf anything u wanna sae?
chloe: what sld i sae
bob: u wan him or u wan to play around ? if u wan to play jus tell him u wanna play ... then u can let the ben dan go ... if u wan him u mus hv in ur heart that u r RED and not AMBER ... is ur heart ... not some frenster/facebook acct declaration de
chloe: means i will hav to cut u away oso ya ?
bob: let ur heart decide girl ... chloe ... u r smart girl ... u noe wad to do ... everything is up to u ... i have unconditional lov for u ... that is why we still talking now ... cos i am a ben dan ...
bob: i am crying now
chloe: haix. i still sucks
bob: chloe ... is what ur heart wants ... if ur heart sae u dun wanna be RED ... no matter who u tgt with ... tt person will b hurt
chloe: ok
bob: but because alot of pple might not noe u ... n u look v v pretty n v v attractiv ... so they thot they can chase u ...
chloe: I tink i really sucks and u really sld leave me now. Im gonna break with yx now and like that everyone sld be happier.
bob: heex :-) i tink i cannot feel any more pain le löL :-) i tink now still õk :-) dun worry first - later then say - some times is too diffic to leave haha - why my line on my hand so long ? I thot u n me died long ago - heex

10 Aug - 31 Aug - e long road ahead ...
almost everydae - i send her to sch, n some nights after tuition ... i get her favourites shihlin n octopus ball or yu pian chu mi fen or macdonalds etc etc - many many times for her late nite supper at 2am, and sometimes weekends in e afternoon ... =D is funny cos yang shares her supper n he noes there's some secret guy sending supper haha =D ... yang even try to peep through the keyhole n try to c who is e one who giv her supper nite after nite ... but he nv saw mi =D lol =D
another nite - everyone in her home was asleep ... n she didnt dare open e iron gate cos it might make a creaking sound n wake up her mummy/daddy ... so i pass her e hot soup n noodles slowly by squeezing it thru e gate grills =D lol keke =D
on 30th and 31st, we get a chance at shopping, chloe got a new LG Secret, then is off to Fox where she pics some nice tops n tubes n New Urban Male for some slippers ... e lady at Bugis Village smiles widely LoL when she sees us again for e 4th time ? lol for manicure n pedicure ... chloe chooses a nice pink n jewel artwork ... then we stroll thru bugis village looking at fashion n buying stuff --- is always a dream to hold her, hug her, kiss her...

chloe: i dono why i hurt u but u still hang on ...
bob: u ask mi to giv up when u were wif jeff, yet we did so many fun tings tgt, u taoyan mi when u wanted shayne n yet we were so close... , n u ask mi to giv up when u were wif yx, yet we continued on n did so much stuff, -- so is ok to lov u quietly ... u nv noe wat e future brings ... i gonna wait n i lov u for e long run ...
bob: ya ya now u go n look ard n play n maybe even marry but i will be waiting n eventually i wan to marry u n look after u n pamper u n finally be able to treat u like a princess for a very long time ...
chloe: if u hv to wait v long then will u cont waiting ?
bob: yes i will wait - really - dang ran - but if u throw mi then i dun even hv a chance to wait cos if u throw - u destroy any more chance
bob: prisc told mi abt her divorce n separation problem eh
chloe: i wanna find a hubby who can love me well ...
bob: u wanna find a guy who will love u ? =D LoL =D e answer waits to b discovered =D LoL
chloe: hmmmm. yup. hee.

6 - 7 Sep - making jin's present n syk ljh's neoprints
this coming week is jin's bdae so there's preparation to b done =D ... using photo collage software, some really nice wallpapers n photos can be done ... here 2 of several i did for chloe. she sent it to jin n jin liked it alot =D

on jin's birthdae, chloe wanted to fix up a photo frame for her - so she ask mi. i then bot a cute doggy photo frame from mu-ee in bugis n put one of e photos inside ... here's a photo of wad jin got for her 20th birthdae

but e big big present for her bdae - well - jin wants a crumpler but for some reason couldnt get e color i guess, so chloe n mi logged into e crumpler usa web n picked out one for chloe - is damn funny cos i looked at all e western lawn de crumpler n i said "chloe - of all e western lawn - i tink the lilac one at the bottom is e one tt u will like" n she was amazingly like minded - she oso picked e same one haha =D --- when chloe asked jin, jin oso picked e lilac one - so i ordered two off e usa de web n [M] lauwai rushed it to singapore by federal express ... by e 15th, crumplers had arrived. first time buying a crumpler for chloe - is nice to buy crumpler for princess - we had entered crumper de shop many times but she nv found wat she wanted ... now she liked it so much ... mummy told her she betta not bring back any more bags haha =D ... by e next dae, 16th morning, we went to deliver e crumpler to jin n she was so happy. 16th was also e dae chloe n i collected jeff's car for her to drive for a month =D ...

19 - 21 Sep - a hilarious double cross n a close shave =D
on 19th nite, chloe n i went shopping n a movie ... she bot perfume, nail polish n lots of stuff =D ... and by 10pm, she was off to ntu to meet gary keke =D LoL - all this happened without jay's knowing ofcuz but e night turned out to b quite a double cross ... at 10:30pm, she messages mi:
chloe: can do me a favour? help me go online to talk to jay ? Tell him something like baby, im so tired then ask him what time he sleeping etc. Cos he call me just now. u know roughly what to do right? Hee. U know my password and stuffs? Hmmm. If got anything just ask me. Can tell him i go bathe or whatever. Then ask him to Jia you tml:) then say Sld sleep early to get the 10 k dollars for me! Something like tat. Thanks.
bob: ok can can !
this is easy n fun ... LoL =D after all - i talk exactly like chloe online, i noe her every way she spells her words, i noe her lots n even how she talks to jay

©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: baby - wat u doing ?
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: i goin to slp now.
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: v sianz
Chong Yi says: missing u like crazy..
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: period eh
Chong Yi sent 9/19/2008 11:05 PM: yea sugar??
Chong Yi says: slp so early without me...=(
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: i goin to slp now.
Chong Yi says: humph humph
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: jia you tml k ? shd slp early to get e 10 k dollars eh
Chong Yi says: i will buy u a diamond ring k muackz
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: nitex nitex
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: v sianz le
Chong Yi says: u wan sk or citigem?
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: bye
Chong Yi says: no love sia..
Chong Yi says: we chat awhile more can?
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: tired ... realli ...
Chong Yi says: hugs n kisses
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: gd nite
Chong Yi says: me too
Chong Yi says: slp tite tite k
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: thx
Chong Yi says: must think of me worxxxxx
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: sry
©hLðE aka {§Ö©k[z]} ♡ ❤ says: bye
Chong Yi says: *wink
Chong Yi sent 9/19/2008 11:10 PM: hey u there?
Chong Yi sent 9/19/2008 11:10 PM: ah gua

so i message chloe: he stop writing le ... I put e conversation into email n send to u so u rmb wat he said to u. dun ever answer a phone call fr him õk ? cos u r now asleep ... Õk he was pretty convinced tt i was u so he oso stop msn n sae u ah qua after i kept quiet n i log in as off line so no one else saw ...
chloe: shit, i scared he call home eh! u sld not tell them period pain. All my friends saw. okay. I'll do tat. I tell my bro to say im asleep if anyone calls.
... anyway - finally jay leaves her alone cos he tinks she's asleep ... there is a twist to the whole story - it turns out tt jay n several of his frens were on msn terminal typing away attempting to pretend to be jay ... while jay thot tt chloe was really on msn =D wat a double cross =D haha
e next morning, i delivered entreprenuership lect notes to chloe ... she starts entre for a week during ntu recess =D
bob: las nite jay sae he wan to buy u diamond ring so if he contact u again soon - jus rmb tt he said it ...
chloe: hmmm. Is jay de friend say de ba. They saw everything what you wrote and they laugh at him. I tink is Abt e period thingy. Omg. So pai sei now:(
bob: stupid ass - hôw can a guy let his fren see wad he write ? Some more he say pls talk to mi more ... I wan to buy u diamond ring ... U wan sk or ...
chloe: tat one not he type one. -.- is cyrus guys disturb de. Sianx.
bob: which is damn funny cos his fren pretend to be him n i pretend to be u - löL löL löL
chloe: yup. I hope so. but that'll be their laughing joke for e month le.
bob: but i sure he knew yesterday tt ur period was here right ? Like las time yx oso noe ma ... so i thot he wud noe ...
chloe: haiyo. nvm la say jiu say le. Nothin can be done.
chloe: u talk quite like me ah. Just tat he call me sugar. which is obviously not me. cos he only call me babe or baby. Hmmm. But is okay. At least is okay.
bob: ya - i noe hôw to talk like u cos so long we talk ma n i use same spelling to him for all e words ... n thank goodness u show mi his sms when we were in e movie last nite :-) löL :-) so i oso noe hôw he talk haha
on sundae - just like all other mornings, i woke chloe again ... we talk quite a bit, we keep quiet for some moments, - as always speaking to her is heaven. then i went to yt to b wif her a while ... for watever reason, e car breakdown in e parking lot, so we take a cab to get her to bp plaZa where jay was ...
at e cross-junction to bp plaza, traffic is heavy, n our cab is stuck right at e traffic lights, waiting to turn right n cross over to e mall. fr e corner of my eye - i see jay crossing e same junction on e pedestrian path tt is right in front of our cab - he 10 metres away n coming closer. holy shit - i bend right down in e cab, chloe slides deep into her seat n saes "die die he saw mi, he saw mi..." as our hearts beat real fast - i wait for the dreaded knock on e cab glass - cos jay wud surely knock n wan an explaination =D but e knock nv comes ... our cab crosses rightwards towards bp n i look up n see no sign of jay. i direct e cab towards e lrt station n drop chloe off ... keke =D ... within minutes chloe calls mi on e phone "haha he didnt see ... everything is ok ... dun worry ... haha" she laughes alot n so did i =D ... it was really funny ...

22 - 28 Sep - entre project n a blotchd investment
chloe was so stressed when i met her after tuition on mondae ... her entre project was causing her stress ... so i worked on her newurbanmale project n her presentation script. then e presentation comprised of a skit - so i got a newurbanmale tanktop tt wud be used by e presenters =D ... in e end - it was chloe n her girl fren who acted in e skit - e skit was so funny - i laughed and laughed =D
this week wasnt a good week - financially...
bob: hsbc over las 2 years been selling Minibond, a kind of investmt for small investors. Minibond is arranged by Lehman brothers. Las wk Lehman bankrupt. Singapore investors most likely cannot get back their $. pls check tt daddy didn invest in minibond Õk ?
chloe: daddy did invest in tat eh. How?
i called her immediately n we talked on e phone for sometime about this problem ... oh shit daddy invested $10K – that’s a lot of $ for him …
chloe: Im going marketing with my mommy. Im gonna pay for everything:) i hope e thingy don go too wrong. :) dad say it pays 3 months once. Im going marketing le ah. can i draw some money from the bank to do marketing with mom? btw, if i use e money in the bank - do i need to tell u?
bob: hey - Õk u pay for ur mum dè marketing gd gd :-) the reason to tell mi if u use $ is so tt i noe if i shud top up in a crisis - is betta to tell mi but i respect u ma - even if u dun tell i not going to scold rite ? i planned e $ for crisis in case u throw mi ma or if u dun wan to talk to mi anymore or if u get pregnant or something ... cos planning for u is v impt
chloe: finish marketing liao. :) hmmm. I v scared daddy will anyhow tink. $10K will lose everything ma? :(
bob: bao bei - i can assure u is tt financially n love wise - i will be there for u .. u wont suffer .. i noe u tink i sae stupid things ... but is true
chloe: how?
bob: tt means when u need $ ... is not a problem e.g. ur sch is paid by my giro (10% that is) but i told u tt e other 90% is oso can b done and other areas as well ... i believe i nv let u down b4 ... n i won let u down ... tt's y in june tis year - i oreadi plan n put $ first in ur acct - in event u throw mi or dun contact mi anymore ... i need to see far ahead wat u might do to mi - so i had to put $ in first … juz like i see far ahead if no contact le - i still can contact thru prisc, who i can rely on - shud there be an emergency - ni dong ma ?
chloe: ok
bob: now when u call dad .... here are some impt things to note 1. when did he buy it ? how many payments he has recv so far ? how much was each payment ? 2. then take $10K minus (what he recv) = what is potential loss 3. but ask him if he lose $X ... how does he feel and assure him tt the $ is not a problem and that FAMILY HAPPINESS is more impt ...
chloe: i noe.. =( sadden
finally on e 28th - chloe n i get to meet briefly again ... i bring her favourite starbucks ice blended choc frap with whipped cream n chip LoL n ofcuz her shihlin - as i deliver it, she squeezes it thru e iron gate ... sigh i shud hv more courage to squeeze it for her first LoL ... later that evening, we go to clementi tgt ... at nite 12:30am - i pass her more stuffs =D

29 Sep - sock ying's blog
todae i sent chloe to sch again =D and in e evening, i bring her more stuff after tuition =D some estee lauder perfectly clean cleanser, somemore lecture notes etc etc ... chloe's blog gets an update after 9 months =D omg she deletes all of jeff's entries, keeps the January 2008 entry (about mi) and enters a September 2008 entry on jay =D

bob: omg u delete all of jeff de blog ... left jan 2008 and sep 2008
chloe: yesh, no point holding on to tat cos tat's hurting
bob: thanks for not delete jan 2008, will jay see the blog ?
chloe: he saw be4 leh
bob: will he ever ask abt the Jan 2008 one ?
chloe: no
bob: actually even those older blogs were meaningful ... there were section in there about your fears about granddad dying ... and he was sick etc etc
chloe: yes he ask abt e sweet guy in e jan 2008 blog entry ...
bob: omg .... wat did u sae abt e sweet guy of jan 2008 ? if he is sharp he might ask how come u didnt delete jan 2008 de blog
chloe: i sae "diam" ! [in english this means "be quiet n dun't ask..."]
bob: "diam !" lol =D this i must enter a blog entry =D haha

1 Oct - going to doctor ...
finally i pei her to CCK doctor again ... she was wurried about body odor ... but i keep saeing to her - bao bei - i nv smell anything wrong wif u - i mean love is blind - but love can smell if it stinks ... but we so close n intimate b4 n i nv smell anything at all ... but anyway, she wanna go doc so i brought her ...

2 Oct - feeling weird about blog posting
chloe: ehh, jay saw e post... think he felt abit weird abt u
bob: wad post ? shit ... about ur blog when u blog about the "sweet guy" in e posting in Jan 2008 ?
chloe: yah
bob: omg ..................wad did he sae ?
chloe: he sae he feel weird
bob: did he sae why ?
chloe: but i tell him nothing ah
bob: did he sae why he feel weird ?
chloe: like i sae me n him [refers to bob] nv get tgt ba hee
bob: mmm ... i read both e jan 2008 and sep 2008 posts
[chloe's blog posting in Jan 2008 refers to bob and e posting in Sep 2008 refers to jay]
chloe: then?
bob: e style describing e Jan 2008 guy is different from e style describing the Sep 2008 guy ... e style of describing the Jan 2008 guy is all encompassing ... but the style of Sep 2008 is juz v specific abt certain tings
chloe: wat is tt
bob: i think that's what make him feel like dat
chloe: no ba ... he ask y i nv be with tat guy ... then ask he feel emo when he hear me talk abt other guys ... so maybe wan me to remove tt post
bob: pls dun remove mine ... u nv talk abt mi ... u only talk to him abt jeff, gary and maybe yx but i noe u NV talk to him abt mi ... please please please dun remove
chloe: i noe ... maybe i put as draft ...
bob: there are 13 lines on ur blog about mi in Jan 2008 and only 8 lines about Jay in Sep 2008 ... so maybe he feel weird
bob: u said "he ask y i nv be with tat guy" ... wad did u sae ?
chloe: i jus sae nv jiu nv lo
bob: and right now - he noes the name "Jeff", "YX" and "Nigel" right ? u told him abt ur past - jus like u told mi ... i am sure
chloe: yah he didnt noe much abt nigel...
bob: cos if he is sharp .. although i dun tink he is so sharp ... but he noe tt there is a void of info surrounding the Jan 2008 guy ... He heard about Jeff (March 2007) and YX ... and a bit of Nigel ...
chloe: nvm la. no need to tell him so much
bob: is just that Jan 2008 guy - there is complete void of info todae ... no name ... mo stories ... no nothing.

3 - 4 Oct - a horrible accident
coming out from e car park opposite 691 todae - chloe's driving jeff's car todae (and i am sitting in e passenger seat) - smacks into a neighbour's car, omg... no one is hurt but e accident makes chloe v sianz e whole dae ... i try my best to console her ... n i reduce e stress from e accident and its reporting.... i tolded chloe not to worry abt repair costs and tt i will pay everything.
e two cars park on cck crescent - n we exchange driver details ... then i pull all e wreckage of chloe's car into e cabin, n she parks it back into e carpark. we take a cab to ntu - juz in time for her lab - so no time lost. during e dae - i told her to look at e whole matter as positively as possible - she wasn't late for lab, she was early in fact - she got some good results for lab - she's not injured - n neither is e other party. kim who is e driver of e other car, who i spend a long time talking to and helping her unstd e situation - sends chloe a sweet message - "Dear chlOe its ok u have only injured my red baby. Ur license would not b taken fr u. Ur points wud not b deducted. its ok its a learn experience. u hv 2 keep driving 2 perfect ur skill. i hv driven 8 years. 1st yr keep getting into accident till my dad have no more no-claim-bonus n hv 2 buy new car n can't buy 2nd hand car. dun worry abut tis. study hard :-D"
Kim's car damages comes up to around $6K ... omg
i get e car towed to orix, a reporting center for accidents/insurance. then while chloe is studying for tests, i help fill up e form n get her to sign. e center tell mi to get driver come personally but i convinced 'em tt chloe was having exams n studying...
this nite - chloe n i planned to pass her ic n licence to mi so i could go and do reporting for her. but jay is at her home. i waited till 1:30am n jay was still gaming so i couldn't get her id. so chloe said she was gonna sleep and wake at 5am. at 5:45am i had to go back to chloe's home, while everyone was sleeping and get the ic and licence from her... then i go down to orix again wif her ic n licence n get e accident processed. then is off to tow e vehicle again to another workshop for repairs.

5 - 6 Oct - a confession and when every dae with chloe might b e last ... finally this wud b e last dae ...
i was to bring her to facial todae - but according to chloe, gary "insisted" on pei her to facial. e facial actually never happened, but gary n chloe spent most of e day at bugis - gary sent her back to jurong around 4pm where she took the train to meet jay.
todae was oso e day i confessed to prisc [chloe's cousin] about e nature of my relationship wif chloe. it was v diffic but prisc was understanding. it took more than 4 - 6 hours to tell prisc everything. the natural course of action after this confession is to leave chloe because if i loved her, i shud leave her so she can concentrate on a healthy rs. it would b best to leave her quietly. but this was not to be - cos i realli needed someone to noe and help her. so i could not leave quietly as planned but i had to tell prisc so she can continue to help chloe.

chloe: gary wanna pei mi go facial tml. he wanna meet me. He insist tat he wanna see me eh.
bob: sae no ... u noe u lead him on n it will be harder n harder to sae no.
chloe: hmmm. he wanna talk to me seriously. haiyo.
bob: for gary sake u mus end it now ... sae no ... u only make it worse.
chloe: haiyo i hate it man
chloe: -.- fuck. maybe i sld just stay home.
bob: u always sae "why am i in all this shit ?" maybe u enjoy this shit ?
chloe: ya ya may be i like this shit
bob: u can throw mi anytime. true lov did everyting 4 u le ... why u dun throw is a mystery to mi? what do u see in mi that u wan to keep mi.
chloe: u did nothing wrong for mi to throw u ... u understand ?
bob: does jay noe u went out with gary ?
chloe: i didnt go see gary de mom. it jus happen tat she met us ...
bob: u didnt answer e question dear but i dun wan to ask u to answer le - i jus support u quietly ok ? u go study ba.
chloe: haiyo. i dono what to say to u now
bob: dun worry dear :) i jus lov u quietly n support u quietly - i dun wan u stressed
chloe: i hate u !
bob: ya i noe. eventually u will hate mi - i realise e onli way forward is to hate mi - otherwise there can b no progress
chloe: btw i don wanna waste time talking. dun bother to explain. i'll b ok. cos at least i know it is still hard to trust anyone except jin. thanks for betraying. i really appreciate whatever u did.
bob: jin herself dono so many ting - n u alwaes sae u dun wan to tell jin cos she will scold - so u trust jin but is cos u didn tell her whole story - i did not betray u dear - i onli tell prisc and prisc is zip - if i realli betray u - i wud be telling more pple - but i risk cos tt is e onli way to get u to grow - u will hate mi but u will still noe tt i did it cos i cared u n i didnt care abt myself - i noe i wud lose u but at least prisc can help.
todae 5 october - when i was afraid tt every dae with chloe would be e last dae - this dae is e last dae - this blog ends tragically here ... there is no road ahead ... dear God - i pray that Chloe will unstd one dae ... i pray she noe i did everything only for her n not for myself ... i pray she noe i cared for her ... i pray she come to realise one dae tt i did not betray her ...
Oct 8 - shirt for jay bring stuffs for chloe (jay de shirt), supper
Oct 10 - go wif chloe to airport to pic jeff 242am - pick chloe to home
Oct 12 - deliver scents but daddy finds it
Oct 13 - fetch chloe to sch - study with cip todae
Oct 17 - send chloe to sch to study
Oct 18 - crackers and tidbits
Oct 20 - organic midterms - send chloe
Oct 21 - pimple patch -
Oct 23 - chicken wings and yakult
Oct 24 - failed organic
Oct 25 - send chloe to her coolcats bday celebration
Oct 28 - collect car to send to mechanic buy shihlin and choc chip - mummy saw
Oct 30 - collect car and send to ntu ... pic chloe from home and go to ntu wif her
Nov 1 - throw everything into gong
Nov 2 - daddy find it ...
Nov 3 - chloe cannot slp whole nite. she did badly for jap oral. i send her back home
Nov 4 - mum take her see doc, dropped off yang de wallet braun buffel
Nov 7 - send her to sch today and pick chloe from ntu
Nov 8 - wake chloe up and order mac breakfast for her
Nov 9 - study in ntu - bring breakfast and at night at 302 interchange and go up with her
Nov 10 - send her to sch to study, at nite at cck, say Jay n he spotted mi too ... send chloe back in cab organic result come out
Nov 11 - tonight she cant sleep we spoke at 5:39 sms
Nov 12 - econ exam - send her sch
Nov 13 - organic - send her to sch
Nov 14 - chloe cried and cried - bring her to doc to get mc
Nov 17 -
Nov 19 - send her for organic
Nov 20 - send her for industrial (last paper) send her home from bukit panjang
Nov 22 - send her for jap class, go mani/pedi
Nov 23 - buy supper from JP - hokkien mee
Nov 24 - go skin doc, send her to see Paris and send her home
Nov 29 - Pick her from BP plaza - buy Ajisen noodle
Dec 1 - Send Chloe to Facial - NYSC
Dec 2 - Send Chloe to Jean Yip, shopping - Fox, Esprit, Cotton On
Dec 3 - Send Chloe to Slimfit and back $727
Dec 6 - Send Chloe to Jap class